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About complaint/adjustment letters peer review

by Steve Krause on October 5th, 2014

The peer review for the complaint and adjustment letters is a little different than what we’ve done so far because it has two parts: the complaint and the responses to the complaint, or the adjustment letters.

Here is how this is going to work:

I’ve set up four groups:

By the end of the day on Monday, be sure to share with your group your letter of complaint.

The next step is to figure out who’s letter of complaint you will answer in your adjustment letter. For that, I’d like everyone to respond to the classmate next on the list for the group members, and the last person in the list should respond to the first person on the list.  To use group 1 as an example:

  • LeaAnne will respond  Carly’s complaint letter.
  • Carly will respond to Elyse’s complaint letter.
  • Elyse will respond to Leah’s complaint letter.
  • And finally, Leah will respond to LeeAnne’s complaint letter.

I know that is a little confusing, but it’s part of the challenges of an online class. In a face to face class, it’s just a matter of exchanging drafts in person.

Also, there will be a survey for this assignment. I’ll have that available for everyone a little later in the week.

In any event, by the end of the day on Friday, each of you needs to write two responses to your classmate’s letter of complaint: one response that essentially says “yes” and grants the complainer’s request, and one response that essentially says “no,” and turns down the complainer’s request. As we’ll discuss, this might take some “dramatic license” on your part since you might not know all the details of the complaint in the first place. But the point is sometimes the response to a complaint has to be a polite but firm no.

You will finish this peer review by Monday, October 13.  You will also need to complete a survey I will make available later in the week regarding the peer review process– the details for that are coming soon though.

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