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Complaint/Adjustment Letter Group 3

Group 3: Jessica Kane, Nijea Wilson, Sabrina Gissendaner, Brian Gardner

Remember that you are responding to the student who’s name is to the right of yours; if there is no student to the right of yours (because you’re last in the list!), respond to the first student. Questions about that? Be sure to ask!

You will finish this peer review by Monday, October 13.  

Here is a link to the survey you need to fill out for each member in your group after you’re done with the review.

  1. Sabrina Gissendaner permalink

    Hey guys! Here is the link to my complaint letter draft. Any and all comments are appreciated!

  2. Brian Gardner permalink

    Hey all,

    Sorry for the late submission but here’s mine for you to look at:


  3. Nijea Wilson permalink

    Hey guys, here are my adjustment letters in regards to Sabrina Gissendaners complaint of her laptop not working properly

    Accepting Adjustment Letter:

    Rejecting Adjustment Letter:

  4. Sabrina Gissendaner permalink

    Hey guys! Here are my acceptance/rejection letter drafts to Brian’s letter of complaint. Again, any and all feedback is appreciated!



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