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The Adjustment Letters

The Basics

Complaining is just the first (and easy?) part of this assignment; the harder part is in writing an answer.

After we exchange complaint letter assignments and after you’ve been an assigned a complaint to respond to, you will need to write two “Adjustment Letters,” or responses to the complainer: one that (more or less) answers “yes” and grants the complainer’s wishes, and one that (more or less) says “no” and turns down the complainer’s request.

You should complete your letters using Google Docs, and hand in links to both your “yes” and “no” complaint letters along with a memo for the second part of the assignment.

One last thing: I say “more or less” because some of these complaints will be easier to say “no” to than others, and vice-versa. Regardless, you do need to have two responses, and you can address some of the challenges you had in writing the no (or the yes!) response in your memo.


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