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Formal Recommendation Group 1

Here’s the page for  Group 1: LeeAnne Baumdraher, Chelsea Idzior, Natasha Wickenheiser, Jessica Kane.

This is where you’ll share links to progress reports and the version of your report that you’ll share for peer review.

  1. Jessica Kane permalink

    Hi all!

    Here is progress report #1. I look forward to your suggestions/comments, if any.


  2. Natasha Wickenheiser permalink

    Hi everybody! Here is my first progress report. I apologize for it being a little longer… I wanted to provide a little context for my project proposal idea.

    I look forward to hearing what the rest of you are planning!

  3. Chelsea Idzior permalink

    Here’s my progress report! Any and all suggestions are appreciated 🙂

  4. LeeAnne Baumdraher permalink

    Here is the new Progess Report, ladies. Because I misread Professor Krause’s instructions, and I now realize the donated amount is 5 MILLION, rather than 5 thousand, this “new” progress report is sort of like the one that I should have originally done. Meaning, the idea is still kind of a fledgling, and I need some feedback, please!! 🙂

  5. Natasha Wickenheiser permalink

    Progress Report 2:

    I admit, I haven’t had the time to do much for this project this week; however, my progress report outlines the plans I will enact this weekend and throughout next week.

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