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Formal Recommendation Group 3

Here’s the page for Group 3: Elyse Cawetzka,Melanie Waller, Brian Gardner, Sabrina Gissendaner

This is where you’ll share links to progress reports and the version of your report that you’ll share for peer review.

  1. Melanie Waller permalink

    Ok, here’s a start. If you think I need to change and find something else let me know

  2. Brian Gardner permalink


    Sorry if you guys wanted to review today, but here’s mine:


    • Melanie Waller permalink

      It’s okay, I’m thinking of changing my idea to recycling ideas that everyone can do. Getting the message about food for older people seemed to hard, so I think I might go this route.
      I like the ideas you had. Anyone will be good

  3. Elyse Cawetzka permalink

    Hey guys sorry it’s late!

    I’m having a hard time with this assignment so any and all suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

  4. Brian Gardner permalink

    Latest report, I’m still a little unsure about the topic though.

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