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Instructions Peer Review Group 3

This is the peer review page for group 3:

Group 3: Leah Touchstone, Nijea Wilson, Brian Gardner, Natasha Wickenheiser

As I say on the main page, you need to share a link to a draft of your instructions with your peers in the comments on this page by the end of the day Wednesday. You need to complete the review by the end of the day on Friday. After and/or as you comment on each others work, be sure to complete this survey.  This is similar in most ways to the survey you completed with the last assignment.

  1. Natasha Wickenheiser permalink

    Here is the link to my instructions (converting a PDF to a Google Doc):

    *I am aware of the small typo in my instructions for the file upload step (“right” instead of “left”). The person who did my usability test caught it. I’m waiting until I receive other feedback before correcting it and creating a version 2 of my instructions.

    • Nijea Wilson permalink

      Hey Natasha, I don’t know if anyone else had trouble but I pulled up your instructions and was unable to actually be able to make notes and edit.

      You had very clear and detailed instructions. I personally am one of those people that don’t do well when its alot of words to the instructions so I found myself just kind of skimming over the words and looking directly at your images which I just in turn confused myself.

      You may want to think about numbering your steps and I’m not to sure if there really needs to be a url in the second part of the first step since you already made it available at the very beginning.

      • Brian Gardner permalink

        Seems like we only have access here to the un-editable pdf for the assignment.

        The instructions seem clear and I couldn’t find many specific ways to change your text. The main thing I think you should change in your instructions is the spacing. Images are very helpful, but in your case they seem cluttered and it’s a little hard to know which image goes with what text. I’d suggest adding space between the text/image groupings so it’s easy for readers to know which paragraphs are for reach image.

  2. Leah permalink

    Hello Group,

    Here’s the link to my Instructions Assignment:

  3. Nijea Wilson permalink

    Hey Leah, I tried to access your instructions also and didn’t have permission

  4. Leah permalink

    Does anyone know how to make the insert images (Arrows) visible on Google Docs? I am making my corrections on Word and when I convert the file on Google Docs the inserted images are behind my my photos.

    • Natasha Wickenheiser permalink

      I would suggest just saving your Word document as a PDF, and sharing that PDF link via Google Docs. That’s what I did. I know it is easier to work with photos through Word, so this process worked well for me. Hope this helps!

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