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Peer Review for the Email assignment

by Steve Krause on September 28th, 2014

Like I said at the beginning of the semester, peer review takes practice, and as part of that practice, think back to what you think worked well and what you wish could have worked better. We’ll have more time to talk about this of course, but basically, try to keep doing the good stuff and try not to do the bad stuff. Quite a few more details after the break:


First, here are the groups:

Group 1: Leanne Baumdraher, Justin Trudell, Carly Woldring, Latasha Davis

Group 2:  Melanie Waller, Elyse Cawetzka, Ashleigh Swinehart, Jessica Kane

Group 3: Nijea Wilson, Kristen Smith, Leah Touchstone, Sabrina Gissendaner

Group 4: Natasha Wickenheiser, Kourtney Lovett, Chelsea Idzior, Brian Gardner

To get started, first review the assignment itself. Remember that you need to write three different emails in response to each of these difference scenarios.  For the purposes of peer review, draft your emails in a Google Document, being sure to label each scenario and to give each a hypothetical subject line. You also want to share a draft of your memo, too.

Now, while this is a short assignment, that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily “easy.” I think that one of the problems with the way we teach writing generally is we equate long assignments to “hard” and short assignments to “easy.” But when you only have a few words to get a message across– like in an email message!– every word has to count and work toward your purpose and anything that is a little off is really glaring.  So while I’m not expecting this peer review process to take hours (it’s one of the reasons why we’re beginning this on Monday and finishing this by the end of the day Wednesday), you do want to take the time it takes to give your peers useful feedback. Post your drafts for peer review by the end of the day Monday and double check to make sure you are sharing them so others can edit!  I will dock late or incorrectly posted drafts a letter grade.

Like before, fill out this survey for each writer in your group! I’ll share the results of this survey on Thursday.

Questions or concerns?

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  1. Jessica Kane permalink

    You also want to share a draft of your memo, too.

    In the example memo, you ask for us to name our reviewers and discuss this process. Because we are yet to go through this with the current group, are you asking we post our memo and only include our thoughts about the assignment (what we learned, reviewed, found interesting, etc.)?

    • Steve Krause permalink

      Actually, that’s a mistake/typo on my part. The rule with the memos and peer review is really what it should be before: share it if you want, but you don’t have to. Of course, your approach makes sense too, Jessica, and you can add the stuff about peer review after we’re done with it.

  2. Carly permalink

    I made a separate google doc for each topic, which I realize now was probably unnecessary, but I’ve already shared it with my group in the forum. Should I combine them all and repost it, or is this okay?

    • Steve Krause permalink

      I think it’s okay, but you can do this all in one google doc, too.

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