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Two important reminders about the final recommendation reports and the micro-presentations

by Steve Krause on December 2nd, 2014

I know you’re all getting down to business with the peer review of the formal recommendation reports, but I wanted to pass along two important reminders about how this assignment is going to work.

First, you should take a look at EVERYONE’s micro-presentation and not just the folks in your own group. Remember, you are going to vote for what you think is the best idea from the class, and that means everyone and not just your group.  It shouldn’t take you too long to do because these videos are only about 3 minutes apiece.

Look at it like this: if we were in a regular, face-to-face class, we’d be spending at least one class period (maybe two!) watching presentations, so even though this is an online class, you can take the time to watch your classmates’ videos. After all, you want everyone to watch your video, especially if that helps them vote for you, right?

Second, remember that this is a contest in that you want to vote for the best project from the whole class– again, not just from your group. As the teacher, I read and comment on all of them. But if I were a student in this class, what I would do is watch the videos and then read the summaries of the ones that I thought were the best, and then maybe the top couple of reports. In other words, I’m not expecting you to do the level of work that I do here, but I am expecting you to engage and make an informed vote.

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