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A brief video about participation and the upcoming peer review

by Steve Krause on September 15th, 2014

Here’s a brief update video I recorded this morning trying to clarify some things about participation and about the upcoming peer review:

Take a look at this and if you have questions or concerns, post them here!

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  1. Natasha Wickenheiser permalink

    I did not receive an email about my participation so far. 🙁

    • Steve Krause permalink

      Oops! Let me double-check that and get back with you….

  2. Melanie Waller permalink

    Ok, I watched the video and I better understand about participating on Monday and Wednesday. Do you put stuff out a day early (like Sunday) to be read and absorbed? ! But when we are in our groups we can chat to each other every day (I’m talking about weekends and holidays), right? and still have our assignments turned in on time.

    • Steve Krause permalink

      Absolutely, yes. I try to kick off the discussions a day early– usually Sunday and Tuesday nights– so you can jump in early.

      But to prepare, all you really need to do is look at the schedule. I have some “TBA” things for later in the semester, but the schedule as it is right now is current. So it says what we will begin on Monday (or Wednesday), which means you can read ahead or otherwise start getting prepared before I post something to the discussion.

  3. Allyson Bruske permalink

    This helps a lot to understand the structure of this class more than reading about it did! Thanks!

  4. Chelsea Idzior permalink

    Question: You said to start discussion on the day it says “Start”. However, the schedule says that we have to post a personal statement for peer review by the end of the day Friday, but it also says to start peer review Wednesday. So I’m confused–do we have to post a draft by the end of the day Wednesday or the end of the day Friday?


    • Steve Krause permalink

      That’s a good question, and I kind of realized as I was preparing the peer review stuff today that it might be confusing.

      Basically, I wanted to give folks a bit more time to work through their draft for the personal statement assignment. So if you are ready to start sharing your draft starting on Wednesday, then go ahead and post your draft and start commenting on the drafts of others. But if you need a little more time putting it together, I’m giving you until the end of the day on Friday. Be sure to get it in by then because if you’re late, I’ll dock you a letter grade.

      But like I said, this is an unusual situation. Normally, it’s still stuff begins on Mondays and Wednesdays!

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