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Informal Report Peer Review, Group 1

This is the peer review space for Group 1: Leah Touchstone, Latasha Davis, Chelsea Idizor, Carly Woldring

You’ll do what we’ve done all semester here, folks: Post a link of the Google doc draft of your informal report to your group’s comments section. Make sure you have properly shared your document– so others can comment and edit it– and be sure to do this by the end of the day on Monday! Late projects will be docked a letter grade.

It might also be useful to review the assignment again before you read and comment on each others’ work. A couple of key questions/reminders/things to look for:

  • Does the report/essay have an introduction that explains the purpose of the report, the event attended, the date and time, and any other relevant information?
  • Does the body of the report present an organized summary of what happened at this event?
  • Does the conclusion of the report include some sort of evaluation of the value of the event?
  • Does the writer keep in mind an audience who is probably not familiar with the event itself? Or, another way of putting it: assuming you didn’t attend the same event, do you as the reader “get it?”

Finish your peer review comments by the end of the day Wednesday! This is important because what I’ll be doing in the second part of this week is following after you and adding my own comments and suggestions, just like I did for the resume and cover letter assignment.

One last thing here: You will note that this represents the main “participation” activity of this week. The only other thing you need to be doing now is working on the more formal report assignment. I will have a discussion topic on that too this week, but my point is this: I’m giving you a lot of time right now to work on the final recommendation report and to finish up strong on this assignment, so take advantage of that time and do the work!

  1. Carly permalink

    Here’s my informal report!

    I’ve got a few things to add, specifically as I was reading over the requirements I noticed I don’t have a lot about the actual event but rather what I learned. As I’m attending a funeral today, and a work meeting tonight, I won’t be able to add that information in today, but I’ll work it in later.

  2. Leah Touchstone permalink

    Hello Group (waves hand) (:

    Here is my Formal Report Assignment.


  3. Chelsea Idzior permalink

    Hello everyone! I was a little stumped on how to approach this project. A few specific things I would appreciate feedback on:

    1) Did I use headings correctly in the report?
    2) Did I do the summary correctly/anything I could add? (My event was an art gallery so the summary is a little different then say, going to see a speaker might be)
    3) The gallery is open for an extended period of time, so did I make the proper choice when listing the date?

    Thanks! Here’s the link:

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