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Complaint/Adjustment Letter Group 2

Group 2:  Chelsea Idzior, Ashleigh Swinehart, Latasha Davis, Melanie Waller

Remember that you are responding to the student who’s name is to the right of yours; if there is no student to the right of yours (because you’re last in the list!), respond to the first student. Questions about that? Be sure to ask!

You will finish this peer review by Monday, October 13.  

Here is a link to the survey you need to fill out for each member in your group after you’re done with the review.

  1. Melanie Waller permalink

    Ok, I have sent my letter to you guys. Let me know how I can improve on it. here’s the link.

    • melanie waller permalink

      Chelsea, I am writing my two letters to you and having a little bit of difficulty due to the fact I do not know much about cable packages, their length of time and giving you a phone number to call. But I am letting you know that I made up some of this information based on the letters from the links we read and had to ad lib a few points. When you read these letters don’t hesitate to let me know what to change.

  2. Melanie Waller permalink

    don’t forget the rest of you guys can chime in too and help me make adjustments where needed.:)

  3. Latasha Davis permalink

    Does anyone know when the Adjustment letter Yes and No are due online?

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