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Resume and Cover Letter Assignment

The Basics

There are two options for this assignment:

  • Option One:  Write a resume and a cover letter for a professional position that you would hope to have after you complete your degree here at EMU. This is the so-called “hypothetical option” since you aren’t done with your degree yet– why else would you be here? However, it should also be a “realistic option;” see below.
  • Option Two:  Write a resume and a cover letter for an internship position that you would be eligible for now or in the very near future.  This is the so-called “real life option” since you really could (and maybe even should!) apply for this internship.  However, it too should be a “realistic option;” see below.

In either case, you will write and post these documents using Google Docs and you will also need to write a writer’s memo directly to me and posted to emuonline where you discuss the assignment.

A few more details

  • Both options require you to think about a real position!  You can’t make up something to apply for here; rather, it has to be a real position/internship and you will need to include the information about that position in your writer’s memo for the assignment. We will talk about where to apply for jobs and internships based on readings and other class discussions, but a big part of this assignment is doing the research in finding jobs to apply for in the first place.
  • You should be realistic in your choices in applying for a position or an internship.  You want to apply for a job that will match your qualifications (more or less) when you are done with your degree or an internship that (more or less) matches your qualifications now. This is not to say it has to be exact.  For example, if you want to apply for a position where they are asking for candidates with degrees in “Public Relations” or “Communication” with at least three years of experience, and you are majoring in Written Communication and maybe you only have so-so experience, I’d still suggest applying for it.  On the other hand, if it’s a position that requires a very specific degree (for example, Engineering or Nursing), if it requires a very specific certification you don’t have (for example, a Teaching Certificate), and/or if it requires a lot more than entry-level experience, then that’s just not realistic.
  • Keep in mind that this class has students with various levels of experience with resumes, applying for jobs, etc. In the not so distant past, I have had students who already have a lot of experience in the professional world who have kind of “looked down” at this assignment. Please don’t do that and keep in mind that while some students are indeed actively engaged in the professional world, most of the students in this class have probably not yet applied for a job that required a resume. So don’t be a “hater,” and help your classmates who are new to this.

Why I am assigning this project

Putting together that first great resume for that first great job is obviously really important, and it’s a lot more complicated than arranging things in the right order. To be honest, I wish I had had a class where I learned how to do this stuff in college (though things have worked out okay for me..).

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