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Resume and cover letter peer review, group 3

This is where you’ll do your peer review:

Group 3:  Sabrina Gissendaner, Kristen Smith, Kourtney Lovett, LeeAnne Baumdraher

You’ll share your materials for review as you’ve done before: each of you need to post a Google docs version of your resume and your cover letter to the comments for your group’s page. Do this by the end of the day on Wednesday!

The steps for this peer review are also similar to the previous peer reviews with two important differences– see steps 1 and 3! Here’s how it will work:

Step 1: Conduct your own 20 second or less “first impressions” review of each of your colleagues’ resumes and letters

As we’ve discussed and as mentioned in the readings, “first impressions” of a resume and a cover letter are extremely important– the layout of it, the formatting, the font choice, the balance of white space, etc., etc., etc. So before you get to making comments on your peers’ projects on the web site here (in the comments section) and also before you do the survey (see below on that), take up to 20 seconds (but no more than that!) to look over a peer’s resume and cover letter and jot down some first impression words. These words will probably be descriptive adjectives that are hopefully a little more sophisticated than “good” or “bad.” For example, “good” words might be things like clear, well organized, crisp, professional, readable; “bad” words might be busy, disorganized, messy, confusing, etc. You don’t want to use words/terms that you aren’t willing to share with your colleagues of course, but you also want to be honest and helpful. Saying everything is “great” even you don’t think it is isn’t very useful peer review feedback.

This is a lot easier to do in class than online because in a face to face class, I can literally time people and ask them to actually write things down on paper as they look at these materials. I can’t “police” that online, obviously. But do your best to do this. You can share the results during your discussions and I also ask you to share your answers on the survey you will need to fill out for this assignment.

Step 2: Discuss each others’ materials

As we’ve done before, make comments/suggestions on each others’ Google documents and also within the discussion space on the class web site. Be sure to review the assignment. Remember you are supposed to be either applying for an actual job that you are hoping to be qualified for after you finish your degree at EMU, or an actual internship you are hoping to take on very soon.

Step 3: Comment on your peers’ work by the end of the day on Friday, November 7.  That’s it, but that deadline matters because what I will do is add my own comments to the peer review after you and your peers have finished but before the project is due– I will hopefully wrap up my comments by about November 12 or so.

  1. Kristen Smith permalink

    Couple of things I wanted to put out there for you guys. First, when I was transferring my resume over to Google Docs, the format got messed up a little bit. I tried to get it back to its original form the best I could, but it’s still slightly different. Also, I’m not sure if I should try editing my resume and cover letter so it’s like I recently graduated college, which is when it would be most appropriate for me to apply to the job I found. Let me know what you guys think – I definitely look forward to getting your feedback.


    Cover letter:

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