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Formal Recommendation Group 4

Here’s the page for Group 4: Latasha Davis, Justin Trudell, Leah Touchstone, Ashleigh Swinehart.

This is where you’ll share links to progress reports and the version of your report that you’ll share for peer review.

  1. Latasha Davis permalink

    This is just a starting point. I have some many other ideas. I just didn’t know what the formatting guidelines were. Hope you all like it.
    Formal report #1

  2. Leah Touchstone permalink

    Hello Group, I am extremely nervous about this assignment. All suggestions and or criticism will not get taken personally. Can’t wait to hear from you all.


  3. Justin Trudell permalink

    for my second progress report, I just added to my original report. I have the link here –

  4. latasha Davis permalink

    This is my progress report #2… it is continued from my progress #1

  5. Justin Trudell permalink

    Here is a rough draft I am working on as we speak but I didn’t want to get docked another grade for being late.

  6. latasha Davis permalink

    My rough draft and I truly mean rough. I had the opportunity to look as other peers formal report to get an idea. More coming soon!!

  7. Ashleigh Swinehart permalink

    I posted my link with my micro-presentation link, but I’ll put it here as well in case no one saw it.

  8. Leah Touchstone permalink

    Hey Group, here is my formal recommendation report. I included it with my micro- presentation, but didn’t included it here, so here you are.
    (Still working on it)

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