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Instructions Peer Review Group 1

This is the peer review page for group 1:

Group 1: Carly Woldring, Latasha Davis, Elyse Cawetzka, LeeAnne Baumdraher

As I say on the main page, you need to share a link to a draft of your instructions with your peers in the comments on this page by the end of the day Wednesday. You need to complete the review by the end of the day on Friday. After and/or as you comment on each others work, be sure to complete this survey. This is similar in most ways to the survey you completed with the last assignment.

  1. LeeAnne Baumdraher permalink

    Here are the instructions. Will be posting the memo tomorrow.

    • Carly permalink

      I’m having trouble figuring out how to leave comments on your pdf, LeeAnne. I see it’s set up so I can edit, and I’m probably the only one confused by this since I didn’t do my instructions on converting pdf’s, but can you help me out? I read your part about making the file editable, but that’s only from the owner’s perspective, right? I don’t think I can just turn yours into a document.

      Please help! Haha

      • LeeAnne Baumdraher permalink

        I’m thinking this:

        You could make notes to my memo or you could convert the PDF. You would be able to do this if you save the file first.

        • Carly permalink

          So I ended up changing it to a google doc, but the simplified version with just text doesn’t show any of your indents or pictures, making it a lot harder to review. So I removed the text, and kepted the PDF’s.

          You ladies feel free to use this to view it too. You’ll have to click the entire page (you’ll see what I mean when you open it) and leave kind of an indirect comment for it, but just specify what area of the page you’re commenting on.

  2. Carly permalink

    This project turned out to be a heck of a lot more work than I thought! (I’m also making it more work by adding photos though.) Just got done laying out my format through screen saving the steps, so if you click it now you’re going to see a work in progress. Planning on having it finished tonight though!

  3. Elyse Cawetzka permalink

    Here is my instructions on converting a PDF into an editable Google Doc

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