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Instructions Peer Review Group 2

This is the peer review page for group 2:

Group 2: Justin Trudell, Sabrina Gissendaner, Jessica Kane, Chelsea Idzior

As I say on the main page, you need to share a link to a draft of your instructions with your peers in the comments on this page by the end of the day Wednesday. You need to complete the review by the end of the day on Friday. After and/or as you comment on each others work, be sure to complete this survey. This is similar in most ways to the survey you completed with the last assignment.

  1. Sabrina Gissendaner permalink

    Hey Crew! Here is my instruction draft. I wrote my instructions on how to convert a PDF into an editable document on Google Docs. It’s most certainly a rough draft, but all comments and corrections are more than welcome. Thanks!

    • Chelsea Idzior permalink

      This is in “view only” mode. No one is able to make edits or comment.

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