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Handing in the Personal Statement; Getting Ready for Email Peer Review

by Steve Krause on September 25th, 2014

Things are starting to pick up in class– as they should since we’re a month in! And with that, two “heads up” moments for things coming up on the schedule very soon.

First, the final revised version of the personal statement and the writer’s memo about that project are both due by the end of the day Friday. Late projects will be docked a letter grade; also, project handed in incorrectly will be docked a letter grade. So, for example: if you don’t properly share your Google Docs or if you don’t include the writer’s memo, I will simply return the work, point out your error, and deduct a letter grade from the assignment.

You might be thinking “Jeez, why is this guy being so strict about this? Lighten up!” Well, the class is called “Writing in the Professional World,” and my experience has been that in professional settings, following instructions and meeting deadlines matter quite a bit, so I am trying to emphasize that with these assignments and procedures.

How do you hand in your work? The short answer is the emuonline dropbox.  Here’s basically what you want to do:

  • Login to emuonline and locate our course in your emuonline course list (WRTG 323W- 17808 Wrtg in the Professional World). Click on that.
  • Click on the tab labeled “Dropbox.” Locate the “Personal Statement” basket.
  • Copy the Google Doc links for both your personal statement and your writer’s memo and paste these links in the space in the dropbox basket where you can type in text. This “copy and paste” process is exactly the same as you’ve been doing for peer review on our web site; the difference is you are pasting this into the gradebook space.
  • Once you’ve submitted it, your project will show up for me in my “in box” and I can begin commenting and giving you a grade on this project.
  • If you have questions about how to do this, you can email me or you can contact emuonline tech support. There is live chat support at ; email support at ; and phone support at 888-538-0515.

Second, peer review on the email assignment will begin on Monday! I will set up the groups on Sunday or so; you will need to post drafts of your email by the end of the day on Monday, and if you are late or don’t post your work properly (don’t forget to share those Google docs so others can edit!), I will dock a grade from the assignment.

The turn-around on this assignment is a little quicker both because the assignment is shorter and also because the pace of things in the class is picking up now that we’re through the preliminaries and getting stuff started up for the semester. I’d encourage you to review the assignment, of course.  For peer review, write your emails in Google Docs! In other words, write out your email– include the subject line!– in a Google doc that you will be able to share with members of your peer review group. When you hand in this project to me next Friday, you will email me your emails and post a link to your writer’s memo (written as a Google doc) in the emuonline dropbox for that assignment.

We will wrap up the peer review for the email assignment next Wednesday.


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