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Introducing the Resume Assignment, the Informal Report Assignment, and Midterm Participation

by Steve Krause on October 19th, 2014

Take a look at the video, but here I’m introducing the Resume and Cover Letter Assignment and the Informal Report Assignment; and I discuss the participation grade email, which is due at the end by the end of the day Friday.  In looking at this video and at the assignments, it’s also probably worthwhile to to take a look at the schedule for the rest of the semester and also the participation section of the course policies.  I’m introducing the Resume and the Informal report assignments at the same time because you’re going to want to plan ahead and find an event to attend for the Informal report assignment– the actual project isn’t due until the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Also, I will set up the peer review for the Instructions Assignment probably by late in the day on Monday or Tuesday morning. For this assignment, you will want to have both a draft of your instructions and a draft of your memo, and in that memo draft, you will need to describe your outside of class “usability test” experience.

Lots of stuff going on!


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  1. Carly permalink

    I have a few questions about the Resume and Cover letter assignment. I’m sure this will apply to others, but my job experience doesn’t connect at all to what I’m hoping to someday do for a living. The job I’m working now is just to pay the bills, and I’m not sure that listing it will look very impressive. I always had a plan to intern in the field I want to go into in my last few years of college so I’d have something worthy to say about my experience.

    So my question is, does our resume have to be written from the perspective of the “us” here and now or can it be from ourselves in the near future? The more experienced “us”? Can I make up an internship to have a relevant job to where I’m applying, or is the a big no?

    Thanks in advance! I’m excited for both of these upcoming assignments, really can’t wait to observe for the report!

  2. Melanie Waller permalink

    since I live out of state, what am I to do for the informal report? Just show up at some meeting and then write about it? or is there something special I should go to

    • Steve Krause permalink

      Again, read the assignment! As it says, email me and let me know what event you want to write about.

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