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One more recommendation report progress update (and a few recommendations/thoughts on that)

by Steve Krause on November 20th, 2014

I finished commenting on/grading your resume and cover letter assignments last night and I’ll start following after your peer review on the informal reports this afternoon. But as you prepare your final progress updates on the formal recommendation reports, I thought I’d make a couple of gentle suggestions about your projects before you get into the final stages of this– and remember: you need to have your micropresentations and a draft of your final report ready the Monday after the Thanksgiving break!

  • Remember, education first. A number of you have ideas that are kind of on the edge of “educational,” things like boosting the daycare center on campus. But no matter what, you need to make that connection.
  • Remember again you absolutely, positively have to do some on the ground and specific research here! That means doing research of various types with conventional means (the internet, the library, etc.), but it also means doing things like asking people on campus.  Go ahead, don’t be shy! I’m sure that folks will help you if they can, and you can always cc me on an email or something to let them know that this really is a project for a class.
  • Finally, I’m expecting you to comment on and help each other with your progress reports. I saw some groups doing that, but I also saw some groups not doing that. So if you didn’t comment before, be sure to comment now.

So, what questions do folks have about this final report? Ask now or forever hold your peace!  Class will move very quickly after the Thanksgiving break, so there’s not going to be a lot of time to ask about this project later.  So ask now.

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