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Peer Review has started! Don’t forget the survey!

by Steve Krause on September 20th, 2014

Just a couple of brief reminders about peer review:

  • It is now begun, which means you have until the end of the day Monday to review/comment on each others’ personal statements and also to complete  this survey about the process.  It’s important that you do this survey for each person in your peer review group because it will give your peers more feedback and because it is also how I keep track of your peer review activity.
  • I have already emailed folks who are late either because they didn’t post a draft at all or because they didn’t properly share their draft. If you are one of these people, you should share your draft as soon as you can and you should also participate in the peer review feedback. Your peers might still have time to give you comments on your project, depending on when you post it. Also, remember that participating in the peer review process is part of the participation grade, so if you skip it or do a bad job of it, that too will hurt your grade in the course.
  • Go ahead and make comments, etc., on the Google doc. And just to let you know this now: when you revise and get ready to hand this project in for grading, make your changes on this Google doc! DO NOT create a new document! The reason for this is because when I do my reading/grading, I want to see the comments and changes that you made. That’s part of the process of learning more about how you revise and rewrite, and it also gives me a chance to see what decisions you made after the peer review process.
  • Finally, one small “heads up”/concern I have about some of these drafts. Remember that you were supposed to be based on a real situation, like an application for graduate school, law school, for admission into a program (I know that the College of Ed has an admission process like this, for example), a scholarship, etc. It is important for this assignment that you have an actual audience and purpose in mind. Just in skimming over some of your drafts, I’m worried that some of you haven’t done this and you’re writing a personal statement without any specific prompt, purpose, or audience in mind. If you are doing that, review the assignment and let me know if we need to chat about what to do to fix this.

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