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Peer Review Results; Reviewing Your Reviewers

by Steve Krause on September 23rd, 2014

The results are in! Peer Review on the Personal Statement Assignment is done! If you haven’t done so already, you should look at the comments on your Google Docs from your peers. In addition to the comments on your drafts, take a look at these answers on the survey that your peers filled out.

Your name is in “column A” on the lefthand side of the spreadsheet– you’re “The Writer.” I have it set up alphabetically and just for viewing. As you scroll across the text on the right, you can see your peer’s names and their responses.

Two quick thoughts from me based on this:

  • Remember that the assignment requires you to actually find a real prompt for a personal statement– a specific school, program, scholarship, etc. This  isn’t the same as applying for a job, it’s not a letter, and it isn’t some kind of “imaginary” audience. You need to tailor your personal statement to that audience and you also need to include information about this prompt in your memo when you hand this in. So if the answer to the survey question “Did the writer include information about the specifics of the personal statement prompt?” is anything other than “yes,” then you want to straighten that out before you hand this in.
  • Make sure your memos (which I didn’t require for peer review but some of you submitted anyway) follow the format I outlined earlier. I am hoping/assuming most of you recall that I described the memo requirements in this post way back on September 7. Here is a link to my example memo. You want to follow this format both in terms of how it’s laid out and also in terms of what information you cover. It seemed to me that some of the examples that I saw of your draft memos were either not memos at all (some of them seemed more like a longer essay), didn’t have the information I am asking for here, and/or were way too long.

Once you’ve looked over your peer’s reviews, take a moment to fill out this survey, which is a review of reviewers. The idea with this is for me to get some idea from you how you useful you found your peer’s feedback both so we can talk about ways of making the peer review process better and also so I can factor that into the participation grade.

Two important things about this review of reviewers:

  • You’re not reviewing your peers’ reviews based on whether or not they “liked” your project. In fact, I think feedback from a peer like “Great! I wouldn’t change a thing!” is just not that useful. You don’t want to be mean to each other in your critiques, but you do want to give help.
  • This survey is just between you and me; I won’t be sharing the results with everyone like I did with this survey.

Any other thoughts on the peer review process?

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  1. Natasha Wickenheiser permalink

    When clicking on the review for the reviewers, I was taken back to the “Peer Results for the Personal Statement Assignment.” Could you please post the updated link? Thank you!

    • Kristen Smith permalink

      I experienced the same problem when clicking the link.

  2. Steve Krause permalink

    Doh! Sorry about that. I fixed it up above, and here’s the link again:

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