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Some things to keep in mind as we head into the weekend

by Steve Krause on September 5th, 2014

We’re off to a pretty decent start here, folks. As Friday afternoon starts to close and we head into the weekend, I just wanted to post a brief head’s up/here’s what is coming next sort of update:

  • With the “everyone introduce yourself” intro post (the one with my video on it), we’ve had a relatively small taste of the way that participation will work. Basically, I’ll kick things off with posts (like my first one, like this one), and then you discuss the topic in the comments section of the post. Remember that you can comment on other students’ comments too. Oh, also be sure to use the same email and username. If you switch, your comment will held for moderation, and it also makes it more challenging for me to keep track of when you commented.
  • We will start getting into a lot more on Monday– check the Schedule to see what I mean. Besides talking about how assignment memos will work and the personal statement assignment, you will also be ready to discuss the video“In Defense of Rhetoric” and the essay “Navigating Genres” by Kerry Dirk. Remember that this discussion starts on Monday! That means that some time on Monday, you need to post comments to the posts that I set up on each of these readings/topics. I will probably set up the discussion spaces some time Sunday afternoon or evening.
  • And while I’m at it, let me just mention that I’m a little less available on the weekends than I am during the week. So if you email me tonight (for example), don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me until Sunday night.

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