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The Instructions Project Peer Review

by Steve Krause on October 20th, 2014

We’ve been through the peer review process enough already this semester that I don’t think I need to review too much about it. But do keep in mind the self-assessment you just completed here and do what you can to get advice from your peers that will help you maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses you’ve already noticed.

Okay, here are the groups:

Group 1: Carly Woldring, Latasha Davis, Elyse Cawetzka, LeeAnne Baumdraher

Group 2: Justin Trudell, Sabrina Gissendaner, Jessica Kane, Chelsea Idzior

Group 3: Leah Touchstone, Nijea Wilson, Brian Gardner, Natasha Wickenheiser

Group 4: Kristin Smith, Melanie Waller, Kourtney Lovett, Ashleigh Swinehart

By the end of the day on Wednesday, you need to share a copy of your instructions for peer review. Now, if you created your draft with Google docs, just share it the same way you have shared the previous assignments. If you used some other software to create your instructions, you need to do the following:

  • “Save as” your document so it is a PDF. Most applications do this, actually.
  • Log into your Google Drive account. Click on the “upload” button, which is just to the right of the “create” button and it looks like an arrow pointing up.
  • Find the PDF that you created and upload it.
  • Be sure to “share” it with everyone who has the link– the same way you have done with all of the Google docs you’ve created this term. The only downside with this is you won’t be able to comment on each others’ drafts directly with comments; rather, you’ll have to comment in the discussion space on this web site.

Be sure to comment on each others’ work by the end of the day on Friday. Besides the usual kinds of things (that is, revisit the assignment itself, make sure there are no errors, make suggestions about what to do differently, etc.), the other thing you should try to do in this peer review is to follow the instructions to complete the task. After all, if you as a reader can follow the instructions and succeed at the task, then those are probably successful instructions. If not, then probably not.

After and/or as you comment on each others work, be sure to complete this survey. This is similar in most ways to the survey you completed with the last assignment

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